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Our Team.

Since July 2016, Borrelplank has been delivering the most delicious party food platters to companies and private parties in and around Amsterdam. Born after some time of working in a corporate office, founder Floor realized that some of the greatest ideas are born and some of the most flourishing connections are made when coming together with friends, colleagues or family to enjoy some drinks and bites. 

In lieu of a better option, however, oftentimes these borrels (an term in Dutch culture describing an informal social gathering) were accompanied by chips and dips from the supermarket down the road which were emptied in a hurry in order to leave the office or home to go to a cosier bar with better snacks and drinks.


Borrelplank Amsterdam was founded as a response to that, to help people create special moments with food and drinks that really reflect the value of their get-togethers. Our Team sees themselves as ambassadors of gezelligheid (another important part of Dutch culture describing a cozy and fun atmosphere) and we push forward on our mission to cherish the special moments in life by providing you with the most delicious party snacks and working out the perfect catering concepts for your events. 

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